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Continued conversations with the Author

Q: Once you were grown, you became involved in helping out those even more unfortunate than you. Could you talk about the redemptive and healing factors that come with serving others, and how they helped you with your own self-image?

JH: My studies have lead me to believe that the human being is conditioned from birth to approximately the age of 7. The neurological pathways in the brain are created from virtually everything that happens during this time; it ultimately defines a person. As far back as I can remember, even though we had just one tiny room and not much ourselves, my mother always brought someone home and said to us, “what five can eat, six can eat, so let’s share what we have and we can shift up and make some room for someone to sleep.” Most of my sisters have this extraordinary need to help anyone less privileged. Since I was a little girl, I never worried about myself but spent all my pocket money on the aged or on poor kids.

As I grew up, I just kept giving all I had and on many occasions even went to extreme extents in order to give to anyone who needed the help. I am known in my community and social circle as Mother Teresa. My parents always maintained that I would want for nothing only because I gave so much without a thought of myself. There have been numerous occasions when situations have been impossible to bear, and I have almost lost the will to live, but I have to admit that on every occasion, someone or something came to my rescue (like a pair of hidden hands so to speak) and I have never wanted for anything. This I believe is solely because I am always there for people and there is no way that God will not be there for me (as you sow so shall you reap)!!

To many it’s a myth of some kind but to me there is no bigger truth that exists. “As Mother Teresa puts it – you become a pencil in the hands of God”. If you believe and continue to do God’s will in the smallest possible ways, blessings of a different kind are bestowed upon you in a way that can never be imagined.

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